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Deep Water Borehole Inspection Camera – 7QP-BK – 100 to 200m

R 17720.00

Product Description

BestBuyOnlineSA are the Importers and Distributors of Quality Borehole Inspection Cameras and other underwater Inspection Equipment.
We also provide full backup, servicing and spares for all equipment sold by us.

Deep Water Borehole Inspection Camera – 7QP-BK – 100 to 200m

Monitor specification:
1. 7″ Color monitor
2. Monitor Total Pixels: PAL:720X576 NTSC: 720X480
3. Monitor power supply: DC 12V
4. OSD language: English (10 languages available)
5. Up, down left, right adjustable
6. 16:9 model
7. Built in sunshade
8. Operating Temperature: -20°C-60°C
9. Portable plastic case

Camera specification:
1. Camera size: 100mm x 60mm
2. Camera case material: Waterproof metal case
3. Camera glass material: sapphire glass
4. Sensor size: 1/3 inch SONY CCD
5. Total Pixels: 700 TVL HD
6. View angle: 130 degree
7. Camera led light: 8PCS 2 watt LASER LEDS
8. LEDS adjustable
9. Cable length: 100/200 meters, (up to 200m available)
10. Camera work current: 100MA
11. Camera power supply :DC 12V
12. Work condition: underwater, drain, drilling well

Cable wheel
1. Cable wheel size: 400(L) X 315(W) X 430(H) mm
2. Cable material: waterproof strong cable
3. Cable length: 100M / 200M
4. Cable diameter: 5MM
5. Cable color: black
6. Wench cable
DVR specification:
1. DVR power supply: 12V
2. DVR work current: 200MA
3. Storage medium: SD card (max 16G)
4. Digital clock and digital calendar
5. DVR Total Pixels: 720X576 (D1)
6. Picture snap and movie record
7. Movie format: AVI
All units come with 12 month factory warrantee and BestBuyOnlineSA will honor that.
There are also a full range of spares available should you need any replacement parts in the future.

Various options available.
Please Contact us for Quotation and details.
Delivery 10 to 15 working days once payment has been confirmed.


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