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PI-V1 – Manhole and Tank Inspection Camera

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PI-V1 – Manhole and Tank Inspection Camera

Product Description

PI-V1 – Manhole and Tank Inspection Camera

Brief Introduction:

PI-V1 pipeline periscope is mainly used for rapid detection, diagnosis of industrial containers or pipeline internal situation. In the detection process, it will real-time record and save the internal image of the object to be detected, you can quickly capture, save the defect image. You can enter the detection information through the keyboard then superimposing display and save it in the video screen. Its high integration, compact and lightweight, built-in high-performance battery-powered, suitable for outdoor mobile work environment.

PI-V1 camera head has 432: 1 zoom range, the farthest detection distance can be 60m by increasing the auxiliary light source. By adjusting the height of the support bar, the camera head will be centered in different containers or pipes with diameter of 100-2000mm. It’s modular design, it will achieve functional expansion through increasing the corresponding module, such as: spare batteries, auxiliary light and so on.

Customers will use PI-V1 to carry out rapid video detection of drainage pipes, and it can be combined with “Pipe Sight pipeline detection video interpretation report software” for interpretation analysis, also can produce a variety of assessment standards to meet the test report and intuitive electronic map.


Technical Parameters:


Chassis – Industrial-grade integrated chassis, integrated display storage unit, equipped with ergonomic strap.

Display – 7.0 “bright LCD screen, 800 * 480 screen resolution

Language Interface – Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English interface optional

Storage – 32GB SD card, MPEG4 encoding format

Snapshot – Can quickly capture, save defect images

Playback – Can browse, play back video files or pictures

Keyboard – Through the keyboard to enter text information, superimposed display and saved in the video screen

Control – Focus, zoom, lighting, lens rotation

Battery – Built-in 25.2V rechargeable lithium battery, the capacity is 13000mAh, continuous working time ≥ 8 hours, to provide power instructions. Configuration 220V AC adapter, can be directly powered or charged

Explosion protection – Explosion-proof certification

Interface – Video output, power, cable interface

Size – 275mm * 215mm * 100mm

Weight – About 2.5kg


Camera head:

Applicable environment – Urban rainwater, sewage, confluence pipeline and urban water supply, industrial wastewater and other pipelines

Applicable diameter – 100mm- 2000mm

Operating temperature – -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Lighting – 2 bright LED lights, 13000cd, straight pipe inspection length ≤ 60m, using condenser, flood light double reflection type, warranty

50000 hours, the other can be equipped with auxiliary lighting source

Image sensor – Color 1/4 “CCD

Image resolution – PAL standard, 795 (H) X596 (V), ≥ 46 million pixels, the number of lines 560HTVL

Camera viewing angle – The level of 57.8 degrees (wide angle) 1.7 degrees (hyperopia)

Zoom focus – 432: 1 (36: 1 optics, 12: 1 number) Zoom, auto or manual focus

Sensitivity (minimum illumination) – 0.1LX


Standard joystick:

Material – Carbon fiber material (compression performance is 10 times the ordinary steel)

Length – Nested telescopic design, cable wear design, strong fixed joints, after stretching the total length is 7m.

Extension rod quick connection design, can be extended to 40M


Support bar:

Material – Lightweight material

Length – 0.8m

Advantages – Integrated probe height micro-adjustment elastic device, with a rubber buffer ball in the end.

Unique removable design, can be directly loaded into the bag.



Protection – Reinforced multi-core cable, with a metal telescopic jacket

Length – Standard length of 10 meters, can be customized lengthened



Strength – High-strength integrated packaging for engineering

Portable – With a rod and wheels, easy to carry

Weight – Contains standard camera probe, armored cable 10M, integrated main controller (standard type), engineering strap and tools, the total

Weight – 12.5kg

Size – 510mm * 430mm * 240mm


Standard joystick package:

Weight – Rod package (including par 1m * 4, extension rod 1m * 3 section, support rod), total: 3.5Kg

Size – 1450mm * 200mm * 90mm, can be placed in the car trunk;

Portable – Strap design, can be back, can be mentioned, light and easy to carry.


Laser ranging module:

Distance measurement accuracy – ± 0.5m

Measurement range – 0.5m ~ 60m

Display – Real-time high-speed measurement, ranging results displayed in the video screen

Optional – PipeSight Pipeline Detection Video Interpretation Report Software



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